CrossFit Exemplify in Morris, IL

Nutrition Coaching

We offer Nutrition Coaching to members and non-members.  

- Led by our certified diet coach, Michael Clifford (Nutritional Coaching Institution)

- Learn how to properly set and achieve goals related to health, aesthetics and performance.  

- Learn how to make proper food choices that best suit your needs based on your goals.  

- Set yourself up for long-term sustainable success.

- Once per week meeting to assess progress and strategy for the upcoming week

- Direct access to coaching support throughout the week via text

- InBody body composition testing bi-monthly

Cost: $50/Bi-Weekly

*(60 day initial commitment and 30 day cancellation policy)

"Mike is a natural and truly enjoys what he does. I have gained so much with Mike in the short time I have been with him. I would recommend him to anyone.  He can coach the person who wants to lose weight and get strong to the elite athlete. Truly, so very thankful for him . Mike has changed my life." - Amanda M.

"Coach Michael’s nutritional coaching has helped me tremendously in the short time I’ve been working with him. He has provided a plan that is specific to my goals and lifestyle. Michael provides accountability, support, and is always willing to help with whatever I need. With his guidance, I have seen the impact that proper nutrition has had on my CrossFit performance & my regular daily life. I have been recovering better, sleeping better, and have tons of energy throughout the day. I am excited to continue my progress with him!" - Cecily M.

"Since I started CrossFit I constantly looked for a good nutrition plan or what kinds of food to eat.  I tried low carb and paleo but I never knew if I was doing it right or if I was consuming the correct amount.  With Michael there is never a doubt about how and what to eat for my goals.  The personal touch and knowledge he brings to the table in nutritional coaching is outstanding." - Mike D.

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