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A Break Up Letter to My Former Self

Hey Former Self and all your friends, I’m want you to know that I’ll no longer be friends with you.

It’s been fun, for a little while. But now I’ve realized that all you are is just a noose around my neck. I’m ready to move on to better things, and there’s no room for you in my life.

Hey Debbie Downer, I’m sorry but you need to leave, and don’t give that pouty face either.

I used to love having you around helping me to wallow in my misery and make me feel good about all the mediocrity in my life. But now I realize that you were just a temporary fix. I’m moving on to better things, and there’s no room for you in my head.

Hey Procrastinator, I’m sorry but you need to leave, not tomorrow but right now.

I used to love being with you, waiting until the last minute to do something. We got to be such great friends that you introduced me to Fear of Failure so that I would just not even start. I’ve realized that you have created undo stress in my life so I’m kicking you to the curb.

Hey Fear of Failure, I didn’t forget about you either. It’s time to stop sucking your thumb and ditch the blanket. You really need to go.

I’ll leave you all with a flashlight so you can find your way, because I’m moving on to better friends. I used to love being all cozy in my life of mediocrity. I never failed with you. But then again, I didn’t win anything either. You helped me go 0 for 0. You helped me enjoy the exquisite middle. You made me the best of the worst and the worst of the best. With you, I was the cream of the crap. I’m ready for a victory.

I’d like to say I’ll see you at the mountaintop, but I know you won’t be there. But there’s a whole new group of friends that will be there with me. I don’t think you know them. But just in case, they go by the names of Champion, Overcomer, Discipline, and Resolve.

While it won't be easy, and I still may fail at times, but my new friends will ensure that I'm finally victorious.

Written by Dr. Nathan Thompson 

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